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Re: [RFC] i2c-designware patches

To: Baruch Siach <>
Subject: Re: [RFC] i2c-designware patches
From: Shinya Kuribayashi <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:01:28 +0900
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Baruch Siach wrote:
On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 11:44:04AM +0900, Shinya Kuribayashi wrote:
Here're various improvements / bug-fixing patches for DW I2C driver.
I'm working with v2.6.27-based kernel, but they must work fine with the
latest mainline kernel.

It's stil in RFC, and I'm working with it for some time.  Any comments
or suggestions are highly appreciated.  Then I'll respin and give it a
test, thanks.

Baruch, I'd say the base driver is in good shape enogh, so I'm having
a fun with modifing the driver.  Thanks for the initial work.

Thanks. It is good to see that my work is actually useful for someone. I'll go over this series in the coming days. Unfortunately I don't have the hardware for testing anymore, but I'll try at least to compile test these patches.

No problem, I could do real tests on real hardwares, so just give me a
feedback.  Grammar corrections or rewording is also appriciated.

By the way, what is the chip you work with?

I'd like to avoid specific comment on this.  I'm working with our big-
endian MIPS SoCs which are not in mainline.

Shinya Kuribayashi
NEC Electronics

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