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Re: [MIPS] TLB handler fix for vmalloc'ed addresses

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: [MIPS] TLB handler fix for vmalloc'ed addresses
From: Maxim Uvarov <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 20:00:07 +0400
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Maxim Uvarov wrote:
So your test case allocates vmalloc memory but never touches it.
Yes, it is so. Bug occurs on rmmod this module. (Module does not free memory
allocated with vmalloc().

Nor does it stop the thread on exit or avoid unloading.  So panicing is

Ralf, I'm sorry for misunderstanding. Original kernel does panic in this situation. In my patch it went to panic with

Original kernel does  _NOT_ panic.

+        else if (pgd_page_vaddr(*pgd) != pgd_page_vaddr(*pgd_k))
+                goto no_context;

Actually it was the reason of this patch.

But looks like we need go immediately to no_context for 64 bit and do not do this checks.


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