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Re: kexec on mips failed

To: Florian Fainelli <>
Subject: Re: kexec on mips failed
From: Nicolas Schichan <>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 15:23:47 +0200
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On Friday 28 August 2009 11:09:51 am Florian Fainelli wrote:
> Hi,


> > However, whether I changed kexec_start_address to 0x802b0000 or
> > 0x2b0000 , the  'j  s1'  seemed taking no effect?
> Should not you add a nop right after the j s1 in order to fill in the branch 
> delay slot with an instruction which does nothing ?

This should not be needed since  have no ".set noreorder" in the file,
so the  assembler should add a nop  in the delay slot,  after "jr s1".

I have this  on an objdumped relocate_kernel.o, so  the assembler does
add the nop:

000000a4 <done>:
  a4:   02200008        jr      s1
  a8:   00000000        nop


Nicolas Schichan

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