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Re: [loongson-support 00/27] linux PATCHes of loongson-based machines

Subject: Re: [loongson-support 00/27] linux PATCHes of loongson-based machines
From: Daniel Clark <>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 18:30:02 -0400
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User-agent: Thunderbird (X11/20090318) wrote:
> From: Wu Zhangjin <>
> Dear all,
> I have cleaned up the source code of loongson-based machines support and
> updated it to linux-, the latest result is put to the following git
> repository:
>    git://  to-ralf
>       or
> this job is based on the to-mips branch of Yanhua's
> git:// and the lm2e-fixes branch of 
> Philippe's
> git:// thanks goes to them.
> and also, thanks goes to Erwen and heihaier for testing the latest branch, and
> thanks ralf, zhangLe, john and the other guyes for reviewing the old branch 
> and
> giving good suggestions.
> the most differences between this branch and the old branch include:
>    * all of these patches are checked by script/, only a few
>    warnings left.
>    * the cs5536 part have been cleaned up deeply. the old pcireg.h is removed
>    via using the include/linux/pci_regs.h instead. and the old cs5536_vsm.c is
>    divided to several modules, one file one module.
>    * the source code in driver/video/smi in cleaned up a lot, two trashy 
> header
>    files are removed, and several trashy functions are removed, lots of coding
>    style errors and warnings are cleaned up.
>    * gcc 4.4 support, including 32bit and 64bit, and also it is gcc 4.3
>    compatiable
> I have tested it in 32bit and 64bit with gcc 4.3 on fuloong(2e), fuloong(2f),
> yeeloong(2f), all of them work well, and also test it in 32bit and 64bit with
> gcc 4.4 on fuloong(2f), works normally. Erwen and heihaier have tested it in
> 64bit with gcc 4.4 on a yeeloong laptop.

Wow this is great. Does this branch also include the suspend-to-disk /
resume-from-disk code from the lemote 2.6.27 STD branch?

From a user's perspective, what are the loongson-oriented improvements
of this branch over the existing 2.6.27 branch?

I'd also like to know if:

(a) the ec-modules and

(b) the rtl8187b code

that is currently separate from the main lemote linux 2.6.27 git (the
former in a git repository, the later only in a .tar.gz file as far as I
know) is included in the branch now.

I can of course check this via git when I have internet access next, but
I'm guessing you would be able to provide context beyond just the code
changes to the answers of these questions  :-)

Oh, and one last thing - is compilation with the lemote-patched binutils
/ "-mfix-gs2f-kernel" "-mfix-ls2f-kernel" (I'm told these did the same
things, the name just changed for some reason - currently I'm using a
binutils / as that understands the "-mfix-ls2f-kernel" option) still
needed? Without this in the 2.6.27 branch, and esp. with the ec-modules,
there were very frequent hard linux crashes (sysrq keys not working).

BTW for me, this is interesting in the context of , which I have
several people helping me test at the moment - currently the biggest
issue is hard crashes every day or other day, or more frequently if
there is a lot of disk or usb I/O.

Daniel JB Clark   | Sys Admin, Free Software Foundation |

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