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Re: Help getting IP30/Octane fixed?

To: Kumba <>
Subject: Re: Help getting IP30/Octane fixed?
From: Johannes Dickgreber <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 21:05:31 +0200
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Kumba schrieb:

> Ricardo (ricmm on IRC) explained it as this:
> <ricmm> the baseline problem is that the secondary CPU's ipi irq is not
> triggering, the first one works
> <ricmm> and smp_call_function() is calling an init function on both CPUs
> with a wait_for_completion flag set
> <ricmm> but the second CPU will never run the function as the irq is not
> happening, therefore the flag will remain set
> <ricmm> and smp_call_function() will spin waiting for the completion
i think i found the problem

try booting with a command line       cca=5

the system is setting _page_cachable_default with what is found in the
processor register at booting time which is 3 ( _CACHE_CACHABLE_NONCOHERENT )
i think this can not work on a SMP System.

with the above overriding i have a working SMP Octane system.

        cca = 5  means _CACHE_CACHABLE_COHERENT

if time permits i send patches 


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