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Re: oops in futex_init()

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: oops in futex_init()
From: Manuel Lauss <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:25:56 +0200
Cc: Linux-MIPS <>
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> > (gdb) disass 0x8042f0f8
> > Dump of assembler code for function futex_init:
> > 0x8042f0dc <futex_init+0>:      lw      v1,20(gp)
> > 0x8042f0e0 <futex_init+4>:      addiu   v1,v1,1
> > 0x8042f0e4 <futex_init+8>:      sw      v1,20(gp)
> > 0x8042f0e8 <futex_init+12>:     lw      v0,24(gp)
> > 0x8042f0ec <futex_init+16>:     andi    v0,v0,0x4
> > 0x8042f0f0 <futex_init+20>:     bnez    v0,0x8042f114 <futex_init+56>
> > 0x8042f0f4 <futex_init+24>:     li      a0,-14
> > 0x8042f0f8 <futex_init+28>:     ll      a0,0(v0)
> So this is in futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic which has been inlined into
> futex_init.  The epc is pointing to this LL instruction which is a
> legitimate MIPS32 instruction, so a reserved instruction exception does
> not make sense.  However, a NULL pointer has intensionally been passed
> as the argument heres so this LL instruction will take a TLB exception,
> do_page_fault() will change the EPC to return to to point to the fixup
> handler which in the sources are these lines:
>                 "       .section .fixup,\"ax\"                          \n"
>                 "4:     li      %0, %5                                  \n"
>                 "       j       3b                                      \n"
>                 "       .previous                                       \n"
>                 "       .section __ex_table,\"a\"                       \n"
>                 "       "__UA_ADDR "\t1b, 4b                            \n"
>                 "       "__UA_ADDR "\t2b, 4b                            \n"
>                 "       .previous                                       \n"
> That's how it normally should function.  If however in the exception
> handler something goes wrong while c0_status.exl is still set the c0_epc
> regiser won't be updated for the 2nd exception which is that reserved
> instruction exception.  This sort of bug can be ugly to chase, I'm afraid.

Thanks for this info! In other words, this oops is actually the result of
another earlier problem, which trashes something used by the tlb fault
handler? (I've also seen this oops as a "kernel unaligned access" with epc
at the 'll'.  Also, isn't it a problem that a0 is -14 instead of zero?).

        Manuel Lauss

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