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Re: Crazy idea: run linux on a mips-based photo frame

To: Manuel Lauss <>,
Subject: Re: Crazy idea: run linux on a mips-based photo frame
From: Adilson Oliveira <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 16:58:59 -0300
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Em 17-04-2009 03:19, Manuel Lauss escreveu:

> I don't know WinCE very well, but I think you can simply dump the relevant
> registers from any app (at least that's what my colleagues tell me).
> The registers you need are MEM_SD* and MEM_ST* (addresses can be found
> in arch/mips/include/asm/mach-au1x00/au1000.h.  To get the datasheet, go to
> Raza's Alchemy support site and apply for access.  I can't give you the
> datasheet directly due to a ridiculous NDA requirement.  But all information
> you need is in the kernel headers ;-) )
> If the frame doesn't allow you to run "foreign" WinCE apps, then you'd need
> to find out where the JTAG pins are and use a probe to dump the registers...

Well, I spent the sunday trying to find a way to get this information
but wasn't able to run anything else or find any jtag points I could
use. Anyone with contacts inside Samsung can find more information? ;)
I would really love to dump this damn windows ce 5 from it but I can't
find a starting point...
I'm thinking very hard of trying any sort of ready-to-run distro created
for a basic AU1200 board and try to load on the frame using the firmware
update option on it just to see what happens. Is there such thing as a
ready-to-run kernel+rootfs I can load on a USB key?


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