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[ANN] loongson-dev mailing list

Subject: [ANN] loongson-dev mailing list
From: Zhang Le <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:01:14 +0800
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Loongson should have a mailing list where all interested parties can discuss
Loongson specific development issues. But we don't have such a mailing list

gnewsense-dev is for gnewsense distro, not all loongson based machine use

linux-mips is for Linux only, not suitable for userland stuff related
discussion.'s forum has so many noises. It has been flooded with posts like why
not develop our own OS, why not develop Chinese programming language.

So here it is the shiny new loongson-dev mailing list:

I hope every interested party could join this mailing list, even though I am not
the creator of this mailing list.

And English only. Thanks!

PS: this is the original post on lemote's forum:

Zhang, Le

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