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Re: yeloong or yeeloong

To: fxzhang <>
Subject: Re: yeloong or yeeloong
From: Zhang Le <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 17:30:35 +0800
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On 12:19 Wed 01 Apr     , fxzhang wrote:
> It should be Yeeloong, any yeloong will be a mistake.

Thanks for clearing this up.

Zhang, Le

> I will require our guys to take actions to correct it. As for your  
> patch, Yanhua is working on merging it into newest linux/mips tree and  
> push it upstream, he is some what slow due to too much work.
> Thank you for your support and work on Loongson.
> Best Regards
> Zhang Le 写道:
>> Sorry for cross posting, but I just want to bring this issue to a wider
>> audience.
>> Maybe I am not the one who should be worried about this. But since more and
>> more people will get these machines, we should settle it down as early as
>> possible.
>> This is a bikeshedding problem[1], so _everyone_ is welcome to comment.
>> First of all, this problem is first discovered by Liu Shiwei, the manager of
>> Beijing Loongson Club. If you search 'yeloong', this post will appear in the
>> first page:
>> Then, I have proposed a naming convention change to lemote. That was a patch
>> which I didn't post it to a public mailing list. But you can get it here:
>> In that patch, I sugguest keep fuloong, but call the notebook yeeloong 
>> instead
>> of yeloong.
>> The following are the rationales behind my suggestions:
>>   1. Fulong -> Fuloong.
>>     This one is good. For those who has a box, please cat your /proc/cpuinfo.
>>     It should still be fulong. And I believe the fulong should be a typo.
>>   2. Yeeloong -> Yeloong. 
>>     I think this one is controversial. The e in Yeloong, to me, sounds like e
>>     in yes, not ee in eel. So that the sound is changed, this action is by
>>     itself bad. And Yeloong may make people connect it with the word yell,
>>     which is not quite good a word. Moreover, the original sound is 
>> more like     its Chinese brand name.
>> And, recently I have just noticed that at the long long last lemote is going
>> to push Loongson 2F patches to upstream, which is good. However, I found the
>> notebook's name is still yeloong:
>> So, I hope lemote could seriously take my suggestion in consideration. And 
>> if my
>> suggestion were rejected, please give your reason behind the rejection.
>> Thanks for everyone's time!
>> Zhang, Le
>> [1]

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