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yeloong or yeeloong

Subject: yeloong or yeeloong
From: Zhang Le <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 01:52:53 +0800
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Sorry for cross posting, but I just want to bring this issue to a wider

Maybe I am not the one who should be worried about this. But since more and
more people will get these machines, we should settle it down as early as

This is a bikeshedding problem[1], so _everyone_ is welcome to comment.

First of all, this problem is first discovered by Liu Shiwei, the manager of
Beijing Loongson Club. If you search 'yeloong', this post will appear in the
first page:

Then, I have proposed a naming convention change to lemote. That was a patch
which I didn't post it to a public mailing list. But you can get it here:;h=refs/heads/lemote-naming-convention
In that patch, I sugguest keep fuloong, but call the notebook yeeloong instead
of yeloong.

The following are the rationales behind my suggestions:

  1. Fulong -> Fuloong.

    This one is good. For those who has a box, please cat your /proc/cpuinfo.
    It should still be fulong. And I believe the fulong should be a typo.

  2. Yeeloong -> Yeloong. 

    I think this one is controversial. The e in Yeloong, to me, sounds like e
    in yes, not ee in eel. So that the sound is changed, this action is by
    itself bad. And Yeloong may make people connect it with the word yell,
    which is not quite good a word. Moreover, the original sound is more like 
    its Chinese brand name.

And, recently I have just noticed that at the long long last lemote is going
to push Loongson 2F patches to upstream, which is good. However, I found the
notebook's name is still yeloong:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/to-mips

So, I hope lemote could seriously take my suggestion in consideration. And if my
suggestion were rejected, please give your reason behind the rejection.

Thanks for everyone's time!

Zhang, Le


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