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Re: VPE loader support on 34K

To: Alan Wu <>
Subject: Re: VPE loader support on 34K
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:03:09 -0500
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Alan Wu wrote:

I'm porting 2.6.26 Linux on the platform of MIPS 34K. Currently, the uni-processor kernel model(1 VPE) and SMP model (2 VPE) are up and work perfectly.

Now, I need to port the AP/SP model on a normal Linux uniprocessor kernel model. I'd like to load an application program (ELF ?) into kernel space where this application will run on a Secondary VPE undisturbed by the Linux kernel.

After I enabled the MIPS_VPE_LOADER [=y] in .config , the kernel is up without
any error/warning message.

Please help :

1. How to load the application into VPE1 from VPE0 ? (cat XYZapp >/dev/vpe1 ?)
If I recall correctly, yes that's it.
2. Is there any sample "Hello World" application for this ? 3. Any specific tool chain needed ?
There was a sort of tool kit distributed by MIPS that provided examples, a minimal C runtime library, and tool settings for AP/SP (aka APRP). The binaries are ELF, but they aren't linked the way you'd link a userland program (they either need to be relocatable, or be linked to load at an appropriately high kernel segment address) and of course they can't use standard C libraries that do system calls, though there is the provision for open/close/read/write of files and devices via a Linux kernel server. I'm no longer working for MIPS, so I don't have my copy anymore, but I'd like to think that you could find a pointer to the tool kit and documentation somewhere on MIPS's web site. And, as Ralf suggested (after I'd started typing this message, but before I got to the point of sending it) if you are a MIPS customer, or are a subcontractor to one, MIPS customer support should definitely be able to get you the necessary tool kit.


         Kevin K.

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