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Re: Ingenic JZ4730 - illegal instruction

To: ard <>
Subject: Re: Ingenic JZ4730 - illegal instruction
From: Markus Gothe <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 18:12:05 +0100
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Afaik it's running Xiptech uCLinux/Stuff.
When I dug into the Xburst-subarch it seemed to miss lots of stuff that you'd expect in a MIPS Corp. CPU core.


On 8 Mar 2009, at 17:03, ard wrote:


On Sun, Mar 08, 2009 at 03:53:49PM +0100, Markus Gothe wrote:
Well, the Xburst-arch seems to be pretty fucked up beyond all repair.

Hmmm, that doesn't sound promising. But do you have references
for that?
Maybe google has some more info than since I first started
Anyway: for now it happily runs debian, and for what I can see,
the kernel patches have no real changes except for extra drivers
and extra board and powermanagement drivers.
So if you have hints in which way the xburst deviates from
"standard" mips, it could help us a lot.
In the mean time I am going to subscribe to the ingenic forum
( )
that contains more characters that I can't read than characters
that I can read :-(.


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