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gns mips-l: what next?

Subject: gns mips-l: what next?
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 20:43:38 +0100
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The "gNewSense mips-l" project ( ) is on a good way, thanks to
the support of the gNewSense team, of the FSF, of Lemote Tech, and of various
contributors around the world.

So far, we have a gNewSense-compliant Debian installer allowing the execution of
netboot installation procedure from an usb stick and fine-tuned for the lemote
hardware. The installation and the upgrade uses the archive set by the FSF at

The Lemote hardware ("yeeloong 8089" laptop and "Fuloong 6003" mini box) boot
from the bsd licensed PMON200 boot loader.

The netboot install procedure has be proven successful on the "Yeeloong 8089"
laptop and remains to be tested on the "Fuloong 6003" mini box. We have now a
nice full-free laptop with beautiful arts designed by the gNewSense-arts-team, a
working gnome desktop environment. Many things need to be polished: for example
the apm (the battery of the laptops show a 0% gauge), the webcam is not yet
working), but we have full networking capabilities (both wired and wireless), a
functional xorg server (thanks to the siliconmotion driver from lemote's dev),

In the same time, Lemote Tech's team has setup a netboot installation procedure and has provided valuable advice, hardware
resources, code, etc. to the gNewSenseToMips project. This was a big help for us

Now, how could we move forward? Maybe:
- improving
- testing
- documenting
- upgrading
- promoting
- upstreaming
- etc.

That is, many things, but not too much, considering the realistic perspective
that more talents decide to contribute to the gNewSense project. You are

Thank you for your comments and for your support!



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