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(Newport) console problems on IP22

Subject: (Newport) console problems on IP22
From: Julien BLACHE <>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 21:07:02 +0100
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Martin Michlmayr offered a build of 2.6.29-rc5 for test to
debian-mips, and that kernel is showing console-related issues on my

I'm not sure what's going, so here are my observations:
 - the Newport console is not detected anymore
 - getty process stuck

 root      1226 98.7  0.0      0     0 tty1     Rs+  19:48   9:22 [getty]

gettys on tty[2-6] might also be stuck somewhere. Can't strace the
getty on tty1 (operation not permitted) and strace on tty[2-6]
attaches to the process but doesn't print anything and is stuck from
here on. Cannot detach or anything. Processes are of course

 - dmesg fills up with 

 tty_release_dev: tty1: read/write wait queue active!

No keyboard/screen attached, serial console only.

Does that ring any bell wrt recent tty changes? Any idea?


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