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Re: [PATCH]: R10000 Needs LL/SC Workaround in Glibc

To: Kumba <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH]: R10000 Needs LL/SC Workaround in Glibc
From: Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 10:29:24 -0500
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On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 11:16:18PM -0500, Kumba wrote:
> Here's try #2.  The gcc-side is already sent in and accepted.  If I'm 
> still missing anything, please let me know!
> Joshua Kinard
> Gentoo/MIPS
> 2008-11-22  Joshua Kinard  <>
>         * ports/sysdeps/mips/bits/atomic.h
>       (R10K_BEQZ_INSN, R10K_NOPS_INSN): Define depending on ISA.
>         (__arch_compare_and_exchange_xxx_32_int): Replace 'beqz' insn with
>       R10K_BEQZ_INSN and add R10K_NOPS_INSN.
>         (__arch_compare_and_exchange_xxx_64_int): Likewise
>         (__arch_exchange_xxx_32_int): Likewise
>       (__arch_exchange_xxx_64_int): Likewise
>         (__arch_exchange_and_add_32_int): Likewise
>       (__arch_exchange_and_add_64_int): Likewise

Thinking about this...

MIPS I: 28 NOPs is really horrid.  Not so much on this processor if
the code is all in cache, but I guess that older/simpler processors
are going to sit for a number of cycles chewing through those NOPs.
Are distributions still building MIPS I code?  Can we assume that
people who want to run glibc on an R10K can at least get something
for MIPS II?

MIPS II, MIPS III, MIPS IV: Using beqzl does not seem particularly
horrid - although it's still a shame since this branch is in fact
anti-likely.  It will almost never be taken.

Other platforms: !(MIPS II or MIPS III or MIPS IV) is not the same as
(MIPS I)!  Please don't activate this workaround on builds that won't
run on an R10K, like MIPS32.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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