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RE: SMP8634 Linux boot

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Subject: RE: SMP8634 Linux boot
From: "Mark Edson" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 19:35:05 -0800
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Thread-topic: SMP8634 Linux boot
We use MAJIC-LT boot loader.  Our steps on the MAJIC-LT host are:
        $ cd /opt/edtm/targets/sigma_vantage
        $ /opt/edtm/bin/monice -v4kec -d majic-lt:e -l    (monice should
report connected)
        MON> ew 0xa003fffc =3
        MON> ew 0xa003fffc =2
        MON> ew 0xa0030000 =0xE34111BA
        MON> ew 0xa003fffc =0xa4444
        MON> ew 0xa003fffc =0
        MON> ew 0xa006f000 = 0x60000
        MON> l yamon.elf
        MON> l reset.elf
        Mon> g 

And that gives us a YAMON> prompt on the serial console of the 8634.

From _that_ YAMON> prompt, we load the real xenv/zboot/yamon like this:

YAMON> load uu 0xb0100000   (send zboot2.bin.uu)
        <watch for returned load size>
YAMON> load uu 0xb0200000    (send zbimage-yamon.uu)
        <watch for returned load size>
YAMON> pflash write 0 0xb0100000 <size of zboot2.bin>
YAMON> pflash write 0x40000 0xb0200000 200704 <size of zbimage-yamon>

Then when you reboot w/o JTAG, it should give you a YAMON prompt on the

Good luck...


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Subject: SMP8634 Linux boot

Hi List,

First of all, sorry for asking a slightly off topic question on that
list but it has something to do with MIPS and Linux though.
As I don't have a working zboot image, I am trying to load zboot or
yamon via JTAG to a SMP8634 board in order to boot Linux afterwards. I
followed the instructions described in smp8634-documentation and was
able to build a yamon and reboot image which successfully loads on a
plain smp8634. Unfortunately, this is not the case when building yamon
with XENV support or when trying to load a zboot image instead. On the
other hand I can't load Linux on a yamon without XENV support, yet.
After loading xboot which fails to load zboot now, do I have to
initialize the memory mapping or other registers prior loading any other
code like yamon or zboot? If so, which one?

Any help to load Linux is very appreciated.

Best regards,

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