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Re: Gprofiling Missing gcrt1.o Object file

To: Viswanath <>
Subject: Re: Gprofiling Missing gcrt1.o Object file
From: David Daney <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 08:58:41 -0800
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Viswanath wrote:
I am trying to profile (gprof profiling) my application which is cross-compiled for the target Mips system [*Linux Mips]* and UCLIBC *uclibc-crosstools_gcc-3.4.2_uclibc-20050502. *As far as i searched in the google i could see a requirement of gcrt1.o object file for the mips linux which is not available on the mips-linux.

I tried linking with crt1.o but i could not get accurate profiling information. I came to know that gcrt1.o is required to get the accurate information. Where can i get the so called gcrt1.o for Mips-linux.

gcrt1.o should be part of the C library (uClibc in your case). If it is not providing it, it is a bug in uClibc.

Actually I don't even know it uClibc supplies a gcrt1.o. Our build doesn't seem to have one. If you build a glibc based system, that would give you a working gcrt1.o

David Daney

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