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Re: AR7 MIPS development tools

To: "Arao H. Filho" <>
Subject: Re: AR7 MIPS development tools
From: Markus Gothe <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 17:06:28 +0200
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Could you precise the question a bit more?
Which JTAG-probe are you using and which software for it?
Do you have a schematic layout and datasheet?

Since this list is for Linux, you should be surprised if you get some
more help.
As well the format doesn't matter as long as your JTAG-software is
able to handle it, myself I prefer Motorola SREC.


Arao H. Filho wrote:
> Hi, I work with microcontrollers,  (8051, 68hc11, avr, pic, arm
> based, real time programs) and I have some DSL-500t (dlink) boards,
> that I want to use as development boards, loading and running some
> C programs on it board and debugging with the JTAG port.
> 1- How do I find some information of how to find some .h headers
> for the i/o's and serial? (i/o register address locations)
> 2-How did I "upload" the program to the flash? The JTAG pinout I
> found, I need the software name.
> 3-Which format did I use on this file? (.bin/intel hex/motorola
> hex, special?)
> -All these questions are whitout the linux kernel!, running the
> program without any operating system.
> I work with C on PIC, 8051, AVR and ARM7TDMI, where there's a lot
> of information for how to do these tasks, if you can help please
> email me.
> Thanks so much! --
> Arao H. F.

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