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SMP8634 DRAM memory issue

Subject: SMP8634 DRAM memory issue
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Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 00:09:08 -0500
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We've got an SMP8634 based set-top box from a 3rd party and are trying to
port some middleware to it.
Everything seems to work out fine, except for one thing ... the amount of
memory for kernel space.

The box physically has two 64MB chips and two 32MB chips.  
The kernel is only seeing the two 32MB chips, apparently attached to DRAM0.

The problem is the following:

1) The middleware requires more memory in kernel space to allocalte big
graphical surfaces.
2) Whatever runs before the kernel is also from a 3rd party and we don't
have access to it.
3) We can't change anything on the box hardware.

This means, we would only be able to patch starting from the Linux kernel.

Do you see any way to swap what the kernel sees to be 128MB instead of 64MB
and the user space 64MB minus whatever is allocated for the initial RAM
The 64MB for user space are sufficient, we just need more then 64 MB on
kernel space.



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