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Re: [PATCH 1/2] ide: Add tx4939ide driver

To: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] ide: Add tx4939ide driver
From: Sergei Shtylyov <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 19:01:44 +0400
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Organization: MontaVista Software Inc.
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Atsushi Nemoto wrote:

+static void tx4939ide_dma_host_set(ide_drive_t *drive, int on)
+       ide_hwif_t *hwif        = HWIF(drive);
+       u8 unit                 = drive->dn & 1;
+       unsigned long base = TX4939IDE_BASE(hwif);
+       u8 dma_stat = TX4939IDE_readb(base, DMA_stat);
+       if (on)
+               dma_stat |= (1 << (5 + unit));
+       else
+               dma_stat &= ~(1 << (5 + unit));
+       TX4939IDE_writeb(dma_stat, base, DMA_stat);

BTW, you could save on using ide_dma_host_set() in LE mode if you'd set hwif->dma_base properly...

Yes.  I like endian-free approach in general, but there is already
some ifdefs in this driver.  I have no strong opinion here.

Unfortunately, the way SFF-8038i registers were implemented in TX4939 necessiates BE specific #ifdef'ery. Or at least the run-time endianness detection and passing the right struct *_ops to the IDE core -- but that would burden the driver with unused and/or unneeded code for the opposite endiannes. It could've been somewhat easied by the use of hwif->dma_{command|status}, etc. but those were recently removed (then again, if the DMA engine is not SFF-8038i compatible, those fields make little sense)...

+static int __tx4939ide_dma_setup(ide_drive_t *drive)
+       ide_hwif_t *hwif = drive->hwif;
+       struct request *rq = HWGROUP(drive)->rq;
+       unsigned int reading;
+       u8 dma_stat;
+       unsigned long base = TX4939IDE_BASE(hwif);


+       /* read DMA status for INTR & ERROR flags */
+       dma_stat = TX4939IDE_readb(base, DMA_stat);
+       /* clear INTR & ERROR flags */
+       TX4939IDE_writeb(dma_stat | 6, base, DMA_stat);
+       /* recover intmask cleared by writing to bit2 of DMA_stat */
+       TX4939IDE_writew(TX4939IDE_IGNORE_INTS << 8, base, int_ctl);

I think it might be worth factoring the BMDMA status clearing code into a separate function...

   ...along with the int_ctl write, of course.

OK.  Good idea.

+#ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN
+/* custom iops (independent from SWAP_IO_SPACE) */
+static u8 mm_inb(unsigned long port)
+       return (u8)readb((void __iomem *)port);
+static void mm_outb(u8 value, unsigned long port)
+       writeb(value, (void __iomem *)port);

I'm not sure readb()/writeb() are good substitute for __raw_readb()/__raw_writeb() as __swizzle_addr_b() might be actually changing the address...

__swizzle_addr_b() used for both readb() and __raw_readb().  ioswabb()

   Ah, I missed that. :-/
   More's the reason to rely on the default methods where possible.

Atsushi Nemoto

MBR, Sergei

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