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[Patch 0/6] MIPS: Hardware watch register support for gdb (version 4).

Subject: [Patch 0/6] MIPS: Hardware watch register support for gdb (version 4).
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 22:34:39 -0700
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Esteemed kernel hackers,

To follow is my forth pass at MIPS watch register support.

This version has been tested on:

* MIPS 4KEc (mips32) with a single set of watch registers watchhi not
  reporting I, R, and W conditions.

* MIPS 4KEc (mips32r2) with four sets of watch registers.

* R5000 SGI O2 (mips4 64bit) with no watch register support.

The patches are against 2.6.27-rc6

To use the patch you will need a suitably patched version of gdb.  The
patch against the HEAD of gdb's cvs can be found here:

The previous version of this patch is here:

The main changes from the previous version are as follows...

* The characteristics of each watch register set are communicated via
  ptrace because according to the mips32 reference, each set can have
  different masks and I, R, W bit support.  Previously only the
  characteristics of the first set were returned.

* The alignment of the structures passed via ptrace are explicitly
  specified as various versions of gcc align 64-bit objects

Six patches to follow.

David Daney

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