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Help on MTD Partitions.

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Subject: Help on MTD Partitions.
From: "Ramgopal Kota" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:31:21 -0700
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Thread-topic: Help on MTD Partitions.
I am facing a problem with MTD partitions with linux 2.6.
I have a Spansion Flash of 8MB. where the number of erase regions are 2 ,
1st erase region has 127 64KB sectors
2nd erase region has 8 8KB sectors.   ( This is at the end of the flash)
I want to create 4 partitions.
BOOT  --  128KB.
OS      --  2MB
JFFS    --  (8MB - 8KB)
DUMP   --  8KB
Kernel prints a error message that "JFFS Partition is read-only".
Can a partition span across 2 various erase regions ?
(I see that there is a check for the same in the mtdpart.c while adding a partition.)
Is there any work-around using MTDPART_OFS_APPEND & MTDPART_OFS_NXTBLK flags ??
Any help is highly appreciable ??
Ramgopal Kota
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