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Load Average >=1, mips kernel 2.6.10

Subject: Load Average >=1, mips kernel 2.6.10
From: Mandeep Ahuja <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 13:51:29 -0600
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I need your guys help.

I have an embedded system thats has mips processor. I recently updated to Kernel 2.6.10 from 2.4.17.
I was able to run the kernel and mount the jffs2 file system.

When the system starts the load average is low like 0.02 but, after about 2 minutes it becomes 1.00 and as long as the system is idle it stays at 1.00. If the system is not idle it would go up to like 1.21 but eventually come down to 1.00 but NEVER goes below 1.

There is no application running on the system. Only the busybox. Top shows all processes sleeping.

this is the version of kernel
Linux version 2.6.10_dev-malta-mips2_fp_len (gcc version 3.4.6)

Is there something holding the processor continuously? does anyone have any idea whats going on?.

I need to figure this one out before I start my application on it!.

Thanks a lot


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