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Re: RFC: Adding non-PIC executable support to MIPS

Subject: Re: RFC: Adding non-PIC executable support to MIPS
From: Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 16:22:37 -0400
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On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 06:58:58PM +0100, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> used on GNU/Linux.  At the same time, CodeSourcery implemented it for
> Sourcery G++.  I only found out about CS's version recently, after
> finishing the Specifix one, and I think the same is true in reverse.
> Oh well!

Yes, that's right - first I heard about this was last week :-(

> I suppose the good news is that we can pick the best bits of each
> implementation as the official one.  I'll describe my implementation
> below, then compare it to what I understand CS's version to be.
> CS folks: please correct me if I'm wrong.  Dan said that he'd be
> submitting CS's version too.

Indeed, and here it is.  I have attached patches for gcc, binutils,
gdb, glibc (EGLIBC trunk but likely to apply fine to FSF GLIBC also),
and glibc-ports (ditto).  There's also a build fix for EGLIBC after
Richard's recent change to the "h" constraint (similar to the one in
Richard's eglibc quilt).  I have also included the ABI writeup we
used.  Changelogs are missing for the binutils/gcc patches.

The patches were written by Mark Shinwell, Catherine Moore, and
myself.  The ABI document was originally written by Nigel Stephens of
MIPS Technologies, Inc., who sponsored this project; I've updated it
as we went along.  Richard, Nigel, and I discussed a version of this
document in 2007; it has changed slightly.  I've had to do some
last minute updates to it today to match the implementation,
so I sincerely hope I got them right.

Most descripions of Richard's implementation also apply to ours.
It is compatible with both existing ET_REL objects and existing
ET_EXEC/ET_DYN modules.  Old binaries continue to work with a
patched C library, existing static libraries can still be used by the
new linker, et cetera.

> Comparison with the CS implementation
> -------------------------------------

Some similarities first: R_MIPS_COPY / R_MIPS_JUMP_SLOT, STO_MIPS_PLT,
EF_MIPS_CPIC, use of .option pic0, the need for linker errors on
non-PIC, the grotty glibc hack to make it check STO_MIPS_PLT
(Richard's duplicates more code, but is considerably less grotty; had
we realized we'd be stuck with a copy of dl-lookup.c I would likely
not have written the awful preprocessor trick you'll see in the
ports patch).

> I think the main differences with CS's implemention are:
> - CS treat .got.plt is part of .got.  See above for why I think it
>   should be separate.  Note that the PLT header is the same size for
>   both implementations, so the extra parameters don't cost much.

No, we don't - they're on opposite sides of .data.  We reserve two
words at the start of the PLT GOT in addition to the two at the
beginning of the GOT.  The PLT header loads the start of .got.plt
and passes that to _dl_runtime_pltresolve in $gp.  The return
address is passed in $t9 and the index in $t8.

> - CS PLT entries pass a PLT index rather than a .got.plt address.
>   This makes no difference for most objects, but a longer stub
>   is needed if there are more than 0x10000 PLT entries.

Yes, this was chosen in order to support MIPS I while still fitting
the PLT entries on a single cache line.

> - I couldn't see any specific support for ld -r in the CS version.

That's right, we do not support this.  I've no complaint about gaining
support :-)  Given the requirement, STO_MIPS_PIC seems sensible.

> - The CS version always uses separate "la $25" trampolines,
>   rather than adding instructions to the beginning of a function.
>   This is an implementation rather than an ABI detail though.


> - CS support MIPS I, at the cost of using the start of the next
>   PLT entry as a delay slot instruction.

FWIW it also adds one instruction to the header; that's why the delay
slot of the branch is empty.

> - STO_MIPS_PLT is separate from STO_MIPS16.


> This comparison is based on 4.2-129 and I've probably got it wrong.
> I'm not sure if CS's version supports n32 and n64, but adding
> it wouldn't be a big issue.

Right - it's not there, but we figured we'd add it at some
not-too-future date.


  - We reserve two words at the start of the PLT GOT rather than
  pass another argument to the resolver.  One of them points to
  the PLT resolver, and the other to the link map (from which
  the dynamic linker can look up whatever it needs).

  - One of the new dynamic tags, DT_MIPS_PLTGOT, exists solely to
  let the dynamic linker fill in those two reserved entries.  So
  this tag is required.

  - The other dynamic tag, DT_MIPS_RWPLT, is for a specified but
  unimplmented optimization a la PowerPC-32 - rewriting resolved
  PLT entries to a direct jump.

OK, that's the ABI comparison.  These are what I'm concerned about for
integrating the two versions; all implementation differences I know we
can decide case-by-case.  And because both Richard's and our versions
apply this behavior by default based on a configure option, I'm not
concerned with the command line options or spelling of configure
options either.

We've shipped our version.  Richard's version has presumably also
shipped.  We did negotiate the ABI changes with MTI; this is not quite
as good as doing it in full view, but it was the best we could manage
and MTI is as close to a central authority for the MIPS psABI as
exists today.

Richard, what are your thoughts on reconciling the differences?  You
can surely guess that I want to avoid changing our ABI now, even for
relatively significant technical reasons - I'm all ears if there's a
major reason, but in the comparisons I do not see one.

If necessary, one of us can end up with a compatibility layer at
runtime thanks to DT_MIPS_RWPLT :-(

Comments welcome from all.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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