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Re: Adding(?) XI support to MIPS-Linux?

To: David Daney <>,
Subject: Re: Adding(?) XI support to MIPS-Linux?
From: Brian Foster <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:16:56 +0200
Cc: Thiemo Seufer <>, "Kevin D. Kissell" <>, Andrew Dyer <>
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David Daney wrote:
> Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > Brian Foster wrote:
> >>  2) Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
> >>  2)[... ‘ld -z noexecstack’ ] is not used by default because too many
> >>  2) things depend on executable stacks on MIPS.
> >> 
> >> Ah!  Can you be more specific please?  At the present time
> >> I'm only aware of three situations where executable stacks
> >> are magically used ("magic" meaning it's being done without
> >> the programmer explicitly coding it):
> >> 
> >>   1. sigreturn.
> >>   2. something to do with FPU emulation?
> >>   3. pointer to a nested function (gcc extension).
> > 
> > Those, plus manually coded trampolines in e.g. foreign function
> > interfacing (which are typically hidden in some library).  I don't
> > know if you can ignore that completely. :-)
> The trampolines in libffi are user allocated, so there is a choice of
> where to place them.  In libgcj (which uses the libffi trampolines) the
> trampolines are allocated on the heap and care is taken to set the
> execute permissions on the memory in question.  Other users may have
> problems, but by now most code should work as XI support has been
> present on x86 for quite some time now.

 David, thanks for clarifying Thiemo's point; I wasn't
 quite sure what he meant by “foreign functions” albeit
 (as it happens) apparently guessed correctly.  And for
 the specific example of ‘libffi’ (and ‘libgcj’); that's
 a new library (to me).

> As long as there is a mechanism to make user space stacks (and heap)
> executable, there should be no problem.  People running code that
> requires it can switch off the XI support.

 Agreed.  It is (alas?) important for the general case and
 the longer term.  But it's plausible that for the specific
 case I have, it's not important and maybe not even wanted.
 (I'm working in a security paranoid/sensitive area .... .)
 Please note this is rather *speculative* ATM!

 It's case 2 (above), the trampoline that has “something
 to do with FPU emulation”, which has me concerned ATM.
 The 4KSd core does not have an FPU.  That encourages the
 use of ‘-msoft-float’ (at least for performance), but does
 not require it.  (Albeit I wonder if, in the restricted
 world I'm playing in, if it could be “required” (assuming
 it doesn't have an issue?)?  Hum .... .)

 The quick summary (which I'm sure others on this list can
 clarify/correct) is the FP trampoline, which is pushed on
 the user-land stack is, unlike sigreturn, not fixed code.
 It varies on a per-instance per-thread basis.  Hence the
 simple ‘vsyscall’ mechanism ((to be?) used for sigreturn)
 is inappropriate.

 The trampoline is only used to execute a non-FP instruction
 (<instr>) in the delay slot of an FP-instruction:

     <instr>  # Non-FP instruction to execute in user-land
     BADINST  # Bad instruction forcing return to FP emulator
     COOKIE   # Bad instruction (not executed) for verification
     <epc>    # Where to resume execution after <instr>

 Belch! ;-\  Whilst I can think of a few things that may work
 (temporarily change page permissions;  or go ahead and use
 the ‘vsyscall’ page with some interlocking magic;  or a new
 new dedicated per-thread page;  or ...?) none seem appealing.

 Suggestions?  Comments?  Prior art to study?

thanks & cheers!

( I'm experimenting with a new technique for posting to the
 list to save me some hassle.  It *should* work, but .... ! )
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