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[Q] Pre-built cross-compilers for little-endian MIPS-Linux kernel (SDE-L

Subject: [Q] Pre-built cross-compilers for little-endian MIPS-Linux kernel (SDE-Lite vs? mipsel-linux)
From: "Brian Foster" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 14:46:40 +0200
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 I'm confused about pre-built cross-compiling tool-chains
 for building the MIPS-Linux kernel.  (Please note my
 question is confined to building the kernel, cross.)

 My Host is x86 running Linux.  My Target is an embedded
 SoC using the 4KSd core, and is little-endian.

 Linux (of the 2.6.20 vintage) has been ported to the SoC,
 using  mipsel-sdelinux-V6.04.00-4  to compile the kernel.
 The development system also includes  5.03 SDE-Lite,
 albeit I'm not too clear what that's used for:  I know
 the debugger, sde-gdb, is used with the FS2 EJTAG Probe,
 but am uncertain if anything else is actually used ....

 Anyways, that's all getting a bit old.  Hence, in time,
 the kernel will be up-reved (to at least 2.6.24).
 I also want to use later toolchain(s?), and I am currently
 trying to work out what's what, with the goal (if possible)
 of using them to built the current (2.6.20-ish kernel).
 page is rather confusing, talking first about SDE 6.x,
 and then jumping into a discussion of cross tool-chains.

 Whilst I assume I can use the most recent  mipsel-linux
 (mipsel-sdelinux-v6.05.00-4) to built the kernel, is it
 possible to use the most recent SDE-Lite (v6.06.01) to
 build the Linux kernel?   If so, what do I need to tweak
 so `sde-gcc' (with appropriate magic) is used instead of
 `mipsel-linux-gcc' (with whatever magic it's using)?


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