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Re: understanding head.S

To: Chetan Nanda <>,
Subject: Re: understanding head.S
From: "Wang, Baojun" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:15:24 +0800
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在 2008-06-05四的 15:32 +0530,Chetan Nanda写道:
> Hi All,
> I was reading the boot code for MIPS.
> in head.S file before jumping to 'start_kernel' it calculate the stack
> pointer address as follow:
> "
>       PTR_LA          $28, init_thread_union
>       PTR_ADDIU       sp, $28, _THREAD_SIZE - 32
make sp point to the stack top so that we can allocate stack space
later, -32 is a reserved area for local variable, saved GPR, arguments
(function stack frame).. due to the abi
>       set_saved_sp    sp, t0, t1
set_saved_sp is defined (as a assembler macro) in
include/asm-mips/stackframe.h (if you're using vim, I think it will be
easy to use vim with cscope..)
>       PTR_SUBU        sp, 4 * SZREG           # init stack pointer
SZREG is defined to the general purpose register size, it is 32bit in
MIPS32 and 64bit in MIPS64, so the last line allocates 16/32 bytes to
build a stack frame.. You could refer to the MIPS ABI if you need
further information (the kernel don't follow the standard ABI all the
time though..)
> Can anyone please explains me this 4 lines of code?
> Why ' _THREAD_SIZE - 32' is added in 'sp' ?
> What 'set_saved_sp' will do ?
> and then why we subtract '4 * SZREG' from 'sp' ?
> Please hep me to understand this code better.
> Thanks,
> Chetan Nanda
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