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Re: ext4dev build failure on mips: "empty_zero_page" undefined

To: "Dmitri Vorobiev" <>
Subject: Re: ext4dev build failure on mips: "empty_zero_page" undefined
From: Stephen Rothwell <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 10:55:49 +1000
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Hi Dimitri,

On Mon, 12 May 2008 23:37:46 +0400 "Dmitri Vorobiev" 
<> wrote:
> >  Yeah, I guess no one is currently doing test builds of linux-next on
> >  the mips architecture.  It's likely Stephen Rothwell doesn't have
> >  access to one.
> I do that sometimes. Obviously, not frequently enough. Sorry.
> If Stephen wants, I, in principle, could set up a MIPS toolchain for
> him, similar to the one I use myself in my small test farm. Or assist
> in doing that somehow. Stephen, what do you think of that?

That would be great.  However, let us try with crosstool first. We
haven't actually tried using crosstool to build a mips cross compiler.
For a start, do we need mips or mipsel?  (My tame minion is trying to
build both now.  :-))  Our host arch is powerpc64.

Of course, we have much more incentive to do mips builds if the mips tree
is in linux-next.  HINT! HINT! :-)

Stephen Rothwell          

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