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Re: SB1250 locking up in init on current 2.6.16 kernel

To: Larry Stefani <>
Subject: Re: SB1250 locking up in init on current 2.6.16 kernel
From: Thiemo Seufer <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 17:11:46 +0000
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Larry Stefani wrote:
> Hi Thiemo,
> I applied your patch (from
> on, and also patched arch/mips/mm/c-sb1.c to
> remove:
>           local_flush_data_cache_page = (void *)
> sb1_nop;
> in order to compile after your changes to cache.c and
> cacheflush.h.  However, this did not work on my board,
> and I experienced the same lockup as before.

Stick with the original code but try to remove the

   if (cpu_has_dc_aliases) {

conditional in ide.h _without_ using my patch. This is what made
it boot for me.

> >>Keep in mind that this is a crude workaround on top
> of other cache code hacks for the SB-1.
> What other "cache code hacks for SB-1"?  Are there
> additional changes required to to make SB1
> work properly?  Did you post those hacks somewhere?

No, what I meant to say is that the old sb-1 cache code isn't quite
the most trustibe code, it had some holes which were papered over
by doing more cache flushes than necessary.


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