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Re: Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634 #2

To: Andi <>
Subject: Re: Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634 #2
From: David Daney <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 09:03:14 -0800
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Andi wrote:
Hey folks,

first of all, sorry for _waisting_ the list with that topic again and again!

this question is related to that one here, posted sooner on this list:

I spent a bit more time on this topic and found out that there is
seriously something going wrong with memory initialization and/or
handling during Linux startup.

I simply add "mem=32m" to the kernel command line, and the kernel runs
longer, at least a bit. However, it than stops with nearly the same
issue: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address, but
different addresses. Tried "16m, 64m" and other values, all behave in
different way. Resulting to a crash at the position w/o any parameter or
 a bit later on.

Since I am not so familiar MIPS and especially the fact that our hard-
and software is more than closed, I am asking you guys to point me where
to spend more time on in order to get this issue fixed and fire up a
kernel on this box.

I build and successfully run kernels on the 8634 every day, so I don't think it is a problem with the 8634 port in general.

You should probably ask for technical support from whomever supplied your hardware. They would know the technical details about how to configure the memory controller, the amount and location of the RAM on the board, etc.

I am sure there some more guys around using the smp8634.

Likely there are. It is used in many blu-ray disk players, among other things.

Is it necessary
to load the microcode in order to get the kernel starting up?


Maybe we don't need the audio/video-ucode but irq-handler-ucode looks
very usefull ;-) Do we just have to copy this code at a certain memory

N/A, the kernel does not rely on any microcode.

The drivers for the audio/video handling hardware on the 8634 do require microcode, but in many cases it is loaded after the kernel is running. But the microcode is not needed for just running a bare bones kernel.

David Daney

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