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Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634 #2

Subject: Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634 #2
From: Andi <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 13:35:20 +0100
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Hey folks,

first of all, sorry for _waisting_ the list with that topic again and again!

this question is related to that one here, posted sooner on this list:

I spent a bit more time on this topic and found out that there is
seriously something going wrong with memory initialization and/or
handling during Linux startup.

I simply add "mem=32m" to the kernel command line, and the kernel runs
longer, at least a bit. However, it than stops with nearly the same
issue: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address, but
different addresses. Tried "16m, 64m" and other values, all behave in
different way. Resulting to a crash at the position w/o any parameter or
 a bit later on.

Since I am not so familiar MIPS and especially the fact that our hard-
and software is more than closed, I am asking you guys to point me where
to spend more time on in order to get this issue fixed and fire up a
kernel on this box.

I am sure there some more guys around using the smp8634. Is it necessary
to load the microcode in order to get the kernel starting up?
Maybe we don't need the audio/video-ucode but irq-handler-ucode looks
very usefull ;-) Do we just have to copy this code at a certain memory

Thank you in advance ...


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