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RE: smp8634 add memory at dram1

To: "David Daney" <>
Subject: RE: smp8634 add memory at dram1
From: "James Zipperer" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 17:59:11 -0800
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Thread-topic: smp8634 add memory at dram1
> James Zipperer wrote:
>> I'm running out of memory in linux on the smp86xx and attempting to 
>> implement this solution.  Did you ever get it to work?  No luck for
>> yet.  I'm still a bit unclear why you must switch linux to run off
>> 1 instead of leaving it on DRAM 0 and adding an additional call to 
>> add_memory_region in prom_init for DRAM 1.  But then again, I haven't

>> gotten that to work yet either :)
>> Any info/patches are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
>Typically DRAM 1 must be accessed through the TLB as its address lays 
>outside of the 512MB window of KSEG[012].
>The best way to make this memory available to Linux may still be up for

>David Daney

I'm sure this is a dumb question due to the fact that my grasp of the
problem is less than acceptable...  

Can remapped addresses (namely CPU_remap[34]_addr) be used for the call
to add_memory_region()?  That would allow the address for DRAM 1 to be
within the 512MB window of KSEG[012].  I'm unclear whether the CPU_remap
addresses count as PHSYICAL or VIRTUAL addresses.  

I'm guessing that my plan won't work since I tried it and it didn't
work.  My results were that the kernel booted but didn't report any
additional memory available via the 'free' command.



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