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Re: smp8634 add memory at dram1

To: James Zipperer <>
Subject: Re: smp8634 add memory at dram1
From: David Daney <>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 16:26:55 -0800
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James Zipperer wrote:

I'm running out of memory in linux on the smp86xx and attempting to implement this solution. Did you ever get it to work? No luck for me yet. I'm still a bit unclear why you must switch linux to run off DRAM 1 instead of leaving it on DRAM 0 and adding an additional call to add_memory_region in prom_init for DRAM 1. But then again, I haven't gotten that to work yet either :)

Any info/patches are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Typically DRAM 1 must be accessed through the TLB as its address lays outside of the 512MB window of KSEG[012].

The best way to make this memory available to Linux may still be up for debate.

David Daney

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