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Re: Move arch/mips/philips to arch/mips/nxp

Subject: Re: Move arch/mips/philips to arch/mips/nxp
From: "M. Warner Losh" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:00:58 -0700 (MST)
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            Ralf Baechle <> writes:
: The usual pointer here:

Are the references to BitKeeper still relevant here?

>> Bear in mind that the Subject: of your email becomes a
>> globally-unique identifier for that patch. It propagates all the
>> way into BitKeeper. The Subject: may later be used in developer
>> discussions which refer to the patch. People will want to google
>> for the patch's Subject: to read discussion regarding that patch.


>> Do not refer to earlier patches when changelogging a new version of
>> a patch. It's not very useful to have a bitkeeper changelog which
>> says "OK, this fixes the things you mentioned yesterday". Each
>> iteration of the patch should contain a standalone changelog. This
>> implies that you need a patch management system which maintains
>> changelogs. See below.


>> Don't bother mentioning what version of the kernel the patch
>> applies to ("applies to 2.6.8-rc1"). This is not interesting
>> information - once the patch is in bitkeeper, of _course_ it
>> applied, and it'll probably be merged into a later kernel than the
>> one which you wrote it for.


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