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Re: Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634

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Subject: Re: Problems booting Linux kernel on Sigma SMP8634
From: Andi <>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 10:24:05 +0100
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Hey David,

> You need symbols so that you can interpret the stack trace.  It is
> impossible to tell anything without that.

Unfortunately, we don't have much more than just the binary kernel
image. No sources. No memory map.
How can I find out which functions do correspondent to these addresses?

I thought about that this might be a common problem, if one doesn't load
a certain ucode, maybe the interrupt-handler or so ..

>> Determined physical RAM map:
>>  memory: 05ee0000 @ 10020000 (usable)
> This seems like an odd value.  I would expect either 03fe0000 or 07fe0000

This was also my first guess. But this seems to be ok, as you can see on
the "reference" output here:

This box has a total of 128MB of memory ..

> David Daney


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