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Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?

Subject: Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?
From: Gregor Waltz <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 11:50:32 -0500
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Atsushi Nemoto wrote:
Hmm.  The puts() in arch/mips/jmr3927/common/puts.c looks usable even
on kernel entry.  You can verify if it can really be used on
start_kernel(), then start tracking down the problem.

Atsushi Nemoto

puts() has helped, but I wish that I had something to dump the stack. Is kgdb easy to set up?

In main.c, init_IRQ() eventually uses kmalloc:
arch_init_irq() -> txx9_irq_init() -> ioremap() -> __get_vm_area_node() -> kmalloc_node()... malloc_sizes is not yet initialized, though, which means that cs_cachep is zero for all entries. My system reboots when it reaches cpu_cache_get() in mm/slab.c where cachep is zero.

It seems to me that kmem_cache_init() ought to be run before any kmallocs. kmem_cache_init() seems to require mem_init(). After I moved mem_init and kmem_cache_init before init_IRQ(), it gets down to pidhash_init() before rebooting, which I am looking into now.

What ought to be done to fix the init_IRQ()/kmalloc problem?


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