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Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?

Subject: Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?
From: Gregor Waltz <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 10:28:36 -0500
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Thiemo Seufer wrote:
Enabling CONFIG_BOOT_RAW, as Atsushi already suggested, would have
added a jump to kernel_entry in this place.
Yes, I tried that, but it made no difference at the time and Atsushi also said that it was broken in git as of 01/05/2008 (I have The kernel config operations (oldconfig, menuconfig, et al) obliterate CONFIG_BOOT_RAW from the .config.

I double checked today and found that even the vmlinux make target removes that option from .config.
Is there another way to set that option?

I saw the option used only in arch/mips/kernel/head.S, so I commented out the __INIT. Now, I see kernel_entry at the start of the kernel and the kernel does not cause an exception, however, it reboots instead saying "Rebooting..."


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