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MIPS 4KEc with 2.6.15

Subject: MIPS 4KEc with 2.6.15
From: Jorgen Lundman <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 09:39:29 +0900
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Hello list,

I have an embedded device running 2.6.15 kernel on a MIPS 4KEc 300MHz CPU. It was configured for Sigma's tango2 board, which I know nothing about, so I picked a mips-board by random, "atlas", and found I can produce working kernel module compiles.

However, when I compiled FUSE kernel module, it behaves erratically in a way making the FUSE developer think I may have come across the cache coherency bug in arm and mips, fixed sometime around 2.6.17.

Since I can not change the kernel that is running, I was looking for alternate solutions. FUSE itself has a work around, that calls flush_cache_page(), but I found that mips-board atlas does not have this defined:

fuse: Unknown symbol flush_cache_page

Should I try other mips-boards that may have this function call defined? Do I have other ways to avoid the cache coherence bug?

The /proc/ksyms is gone, so I do not think I am able to check what symbols their kernel has.


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