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Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?

Subject: Re: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?
From: Gregor Waltz <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 17:27:54 -0500
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Thiemo Seufer wrote:
Hm, your start address is 0x80020000, but the load address of the jmr3927
(in the tree) is 0x80050000. So maybe the address is
wrong, comparing with the old 2.4 kernel should tell.

I compared that against the working 2.4.12 kernel, which does indeed have 80020000 in arch/mips/Makefile. I changed load-$(CONFIG...TX3927) to use 80020000 instead of 80050000, but it still fails the same way. There was also something that I had changed in our 2.4.12 that I had forgotten, but my coworker reminded me that, in jmr3927.h, I changed JMR3927_ROMCE0 from 0x1fc000000 to 0x1f000000 to have the proper address to access some raw memory for internal purposes. I do not recall whether that address is specific to our hardware or a typo, but I do not think that it impacts the normal kernel anyway.

Our 2.4.12 kernel uses -mcpu=r3000 -mips1 to build the kernel. I tried switching the arch to r3000 from r3900 in, but that did not help. Perhaps -mips1 or an equivalent could help? I will try on Monday.

I am grasping at straws here.

Thanks to Thiemo and Florian for trying to help.

Have a good weekend.

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