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Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?

Subject: Toshiba JMR 3927 working setup?
From: Gregor Waltz <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 11:45:10 -0500
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I have been working on a JMR 3927 based system for a number of years. For all of that time, we have been running:
gcc 2.95.3
glibc 2.2.1
linux 2.4.12

We want to update to a 2.6 kernel, recent build tools, and saner system libraries. Although, it seems that the JMR 3927 is still technically supported, I have not found any info on whether anybody is still running Linux on it and what combination of software they are using. Any idea? Is there a combination of software versions that are known to work on this hardware?

I have used crosstool 0.43 to build:
binutils 2.15
gcc 3.4.5
glibc 2.3.6

I cannot get these kernels to build:

My colleague and I have built these:

However, they all yield a TLBL exception similar to the following:

Exception! EPC=80056eb4 CAUSE=30000008(TLBL)
80056eb4 8ce4000c lw      a0,12(a3)                         # 0xc

Each build has different exception values. The values are the same each attempt with the same build.

Is this a problem in the kernel code or the build tools?
Any ideas on how to make it run?

Using the recently built tools, I am currently trying to build the 2.4.12 kernel that is known to work, which is proving difficult. If I can get it to build, I am hoping to see whether the tools are able to build a functioning kernel.


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