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excite patches

Subject: excite patches
From: Thomas Koeller <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 01:31:21 +0100
Organization: Basler AG
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Here is a series of patches to bring the excite platform up to date. In
order to achieve this, I had to apply a couple of changes to some
non-platform code as well:

Patch 1/4:
This one introduces a new configuration parameter named GPI_RM9000, used
to enable devices that depend on RM9000-style GPI hardware. This is a
re-submit, I submitted this patch before, but it has not been applied yet.

Patch 2/4:
The RM9000 hazards in include/asm-mips/hazards.h were apparently wrong; I
could not get c0_compare_int_usable() in arch/mips/kernel/cevt-r4k.c to
work. The RM9122 manual says, "When a CP0 register is changed by an MTC0
or CTC0 instruction, the contents of the changed register must not be used
for 4 cycles after the MTC0 or CTC0 is issued. Specifically, if a CP0
register is loaded, its contents must not be read back or otherwise used
until 4 cycles later." I guess this also covers the case of observing
the result of writing to a CP0 register by reading the contents of
another CP0 register, as in this case.

Patch 3/4:
Since the excite platform uses the RM9000's alternate timer interrupt, I
had to rework the compare interrupt setup. I changed the existing
get_c0_compare_int() hook to be called earlier than before, so that
cp0_compare_irq contains the correct value right from the start, and
functions like c0_compare_int_pending() and c0_compare_int_usable()
continue to function without any need for modifications. Then I added a
get_c0_perfcounter_int() hook to complement it. I also did some
minor modifications, like adding 'const' in some places, and outputting
an error message if the compare interrupt is found to be non-functional,
a condition that certainly deserves such a message.

Since the get_c0_compare_int() hook is used in 
users of this file might theoretically be affected by this change. I do not 
access to these boards, so I could not check, however, I believe the
change does not cause any breakage here.

Patch 4/4:
Finally, the excite platform has to supply the alternate compare irq, which
this patch is for.



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