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Re: 2.6.24-rc1 does not boot on SGI

Subject: Re: 2.6.24-rc1 does not boot on SGI
From: Giuseppe Sacco <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 12:58:49 +0100
In-reply-to: <1194281699.4192.3.camel@casa>
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I reply to my own message, providing more details, hoping that anyone
here could give a hint or the solution.

During bootup on ip32, since 2.4.24-rc1, the system loop printing a
message about unexpected interrupt #13. (see transcript below.)

I enabled more debug in the kernel, and studied the code. What I
understood is that interrupt #13 from CRIME means that the system should
check on MACEISA for the real interrupt.

The interrupt start appearing just after executing the code
psmouse_init() that enable ps2 drivers for keyboard and mouse. Keyboard
interrupt #49 is enabled first and mouse interrupt #51 is enabled later.

When initialising the keyboard interrupt (it is a MACEISA interrupt),
the interrupt start appearing, so I am pretty sure that interrupt #13 is
related to the keyboard interrupt.

When the system receive interrupt #13, it correctly detect it is a
MACEISA interrupt, and check for mace->perif.ctrl.istat value. The
problem seems to be that this value is zero instead of having bit #9 on
(that would mean, interrupt #49, keyboard).

So, either the interrupt #49 is not correctly enabled, or maceisa
interrupt aren't correctly checked.

Does this description ring a bell to anyone?


Calling initcall 0xffffffff80496ca0: serport_init+0x0/0x48()
initcall 0xffffffff80496ca0: serport_init+0x0/0x48() returned 0.
initcall 0xffffffff80496ca0 ran for 0 msecs: serport_init+0x0/0x48()
Calling initcall 0xffffffff80496ce8: maceps2_init+0x0/0xe0()
initcall 0xffffffff80496ce8: maceps2_init+0x0/0xe0() returned 0.
initcall 0xffffffff80496ce8 ran for 1 msecs: maceps2_init+0x0/0xe0()
Calling initcall 0xffffffff80496dc8: serio_raw_init+0x0/0x18()
initcall 0xffffffff80496dc8: serio_raw_init+0x0/0x18() returned 0.
initcall 0xffffffff80496dc8 ran for 1 msecs: serio_raw_init+0x0/0x18()
Calling initcall 0xffffffff80496f40: mousedev_init+0x0/0xd0()
mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
initcall 0xffffffff80496f40: mousedev_init+0x0/0xd0() returned 0.
initcall 0xffffffff80496f40 ran for 16 msecs: mousedev_init+0x0/0xd0()
Calling initcall 0xffffffff80497010: atkbd_init+0x0/0x18()
initcall 0xffffffff80497010: atkbd_init+0x0/0x18() returned 0.
initcall 0xffffffff80497010 ran for 0 msecs: atkbd_init+0x0/0x18()
Calling initcall 0xffffffff80497028: psmouse_init+0x0/0x90()
maceisa enable: 49
crime_int 00000020 enabled
*irq 13, crime_int=00002000, crime_mask=003003a0, mace_int=00000000*
irq 13, desc: ffffffff80448390, depth: 1, count: 0, unhandled: 0
->handle_irq():  ffffffff80065eb0, handle_bad_irq+0x0/0x2c0
->chip(): ffffffff8043e320, 0xffffffff8043e320
->action(): 0000000000000000

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