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Re: Bug in Au1x00 UART or USB drivers for 2.6 kernels?

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Subject: Re: Bug in Au1x00 UART or USB drivers for 2.6 kernels?
From: Nathan Eggan <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 00:00:44 +0000
Importance: Normal
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A'ight... I just finished pulling down a copy of the Linux-mips kernel 
and building it for my DBAu1500.  I was hoping this would fix the issue I'm 
experiencing with the serial ports and the USB bus.  (For those that didn't 
catch the previous emails, I'm suffering byte substitution in a very regular 
pattern on the Au1500's UARTs when I put activity on the USB bus.)

Unfortunately, the new kernel appears to have no effect.  :(  It performs the 
same as the previous.

For the record, my tested setup was:
- Linux 2.6.23 with the MIPS patches
- Busybox 1.7.3 (doubt this is relevant)
- compiled with uClibc-0.9.28 & gcc-3.4.5 (this probably isn't relevant either)

All the tests I've discussed to date were down with the test code previously 
included in this thread, and the serial port was set for 115,200bps 8-N-1.  
(I've heard the 115k number can be taboo for some unknown reason, but we really 
need the speed on the UART.  :(  (It's already slow enough!)  So, I'm not sure 
too many folks would be happy if I halve it 56k to try to make it work.

A few other notes:
- As previously stated, a 2.4.26 kernel I tried worked fine; so this looks to 
be a 2.6 kernel issue.  (I've now tried 2.6.17, 2.6.21, and and all 
have the same issue.)
- I also tried using an FTDI USB-to-serial dongle and experienced NO errors.  
So, this is clearly an interplay issue between the UART and the USB bus.

Any other others?

Thanks again!
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