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Re: smp8634 add memory at dram1

To: "YH Lin" <>
Subject: Re: smp8634 add memory at dram1
From: "David Kuk" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 10:22:35 +0800
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Dear YH

I am sorry i have been disturbed by other issues, the memory problem seems little bit difficult to me. In our case, i saw that in prom.c under mips/tango2, the function prom_init , it shows that :
memcfg_t *m=(memcfg_t*)KSEG1ADDR(MEM_BASE_dram_controller_0+FM_MEMCFG);

it's seems the kernel has hard coded to point the starting memory to DRAM controller 0's starting address, if now, i have remap 64mb memory at DRAM controller 1 at remap register 4, The problem is come, the kernel will ignore any memory before dram controller 0's starting address. Even i have add 0x0c000000--0x10000000 as boot memory, it still think it's first usable pfn is at 0x10000000.

my solution is 3 steps

1, modify the compiler, let the linux start address moved to 0x0c000000,
2. modify the YAMON, and map the DRAM 1 controller to remap register4 in YAMON stage
3, modify the linux, to set the two piece of memory to the kernel as boot memory .

it's this possible, or it have other better solution ?

thx a lot for your kindly help !

best wishes

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