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Re: implementation of software suspend on MIPS. (system log)

To: "Andrew Dyer" <>
Subject: Re: implementation of software suspend on MIPS. (system log)
From: "Hyon Lim" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 10:46:01 +0900
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Yes. you're right. I did same as you said.
However, is there any options for disassembly with variable name?
Often I cannot find that variable's allocated register.
There is only r0,r1... but I want a comment for variable assignment status.
On 11/1/07, Andrew Dyer <> wrote:
> The code of resume process should be implemented on arch/xxx/power/swsusp.S
> So it should be implemented by assembly.
> That's the problem...
> I've no idea about complex assembly programming. :-)
> Could you recommend any pdf or website?

Whenever I have to do something moderately complex in assy. language, I often find it helpful to code the thing in C and run it through the compiler and look at the generated assy. language.  Oftentimes you can modify the output of the compiler without too much trouble.

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