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Which gcc version for MIPS?

Subject: Which gcc version for MIPS?
From: Günter Dannoritzer <>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 00:06:58 +0200
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I am trying to get my feed wet with the MIPS architecture and I am
looking into getting the gcc cross compiler going on my openSuse 10.2

On openSuse there is already a binutils 2.17 package available and I was
wondering whether it is as simple as compiling gcc with MIPS support for
that binutils package?

I looked at the Toolchain page at

and it explains the compilation of gcc fairly simple. On the page it
says to use gcc 3.4.4 as that seems to be the version that allows to
compile a Linux Kernel without problems, however, if I look at the
crosstools page of Dan Kegel

it shows that there is no version that compiles a listed Linux Kernel

Can anybody give me some help in deciding what gcc version to use?

Does the gcc version need to match a certain binutils version?

Another question I have about having a mips and mipsel toolchain. I am
aware that some MIPS procecessors can change the endian-ness. In the gcc
documentation I saw that there is a -EB and -EL switch to select the
endianes. What is then the reason to have two toolchains?

Thanks for your help.



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