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branch delay slot

Subject: branch delay slot
From: "Winson Yung" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:01:15 -0700
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Hi there, in the following mips 32bit atomic cmp_xchg api, I was
wondering why there is no nop after the two branch instructions. Does
this introduce a bug, or is it a "feature" in the code to use the
delay slot for an instructino to execut something whether or not they
take the branch.

#define __arch_compare_and_exchange_xxx_32_int(mem, newval, oldval, rel, acq) \
     __asm__ __volatile__ (                                                   \
     ".set      push\n\t"                                                     \
     MIPS_PUSH_MIPS2                                                          \
     rel        "\n"                                                          \
     "1:\t"                                                                   \
     "ll        %0,%4\n\t"                                                    \
     "move      %1,$0\n\t"                                                    \
     "bne       %0,%2,2f\n\t"                                                 \
     "move      %1,%3\n\t"                                                    \
     "sc        %1,%4\n\t"                                                    \
     "beqz      %1,1b\n"                                                      \
     acq        "\n\t"                                                        \
     ".set      pop\n"                                                        \
     "2:\n\t"                                                                 \
              : "=&r" (__prev), "=&r" (__cmp)                                 \
              : "r" (oldval), "r" (newval), "m" (*mem)                        \
              : "memory")

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