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Re: YAMON booting Linux kernels from malta board harddisk....

Subject: Re: YAMON booting Linux kernels from malta board harddisk....
From: Elizabeth Oldham <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 10:37:09 +0100
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        I read of MIPSboot that is loaded into the MBR which is then
read from YAMON to boot a selection of kernels from the harddisk.

MIPSboot is my rather hacked bootloader that goes with the MIPS/TimeSys Linux distro, and does not as yet sit in the day perhaps.

Anyway, it sits at the beginning of the first partition on disk (which should not be formatted with a filesystem and can be very small), and then loaded with a YAMON command line like:

YAMON> disk read hda 3f ff 800d0000; go 800d0000

MIPSboot version 0.3
Loading /boot/mb.conf . ok
Choose a kernel image to boot:
  (0) aprp-2.6.19-glibc         root=/dev/hda3
  (1) smtc-2.6.19-glibc         root=/dev/hda3

You can put that command line in the "start" environment variable to autostart it.

I've dropped source and binary tarballs together with an example conf file on our ftp site:

If you have any queries about it send me email.

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