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Re: MIPS atomic memory operations (A.K.A PR 33479).

To: David Daney <>
Subject: Re: MIPS atomic memory operations (A.K.A PR 33479).
From: Thiemo Seufer <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 09:45:15 +0100
Cc: Richard Sandiford <>, GCC Mailing List <>,
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David Daney wrote:
> Richard,
> There seems to be a small problem with the MIPS atomic memory operations 
> patch I recently committed 
> (, in that on a 
> dual CPU machine it does not quite work.
> You can look at for 
> more information.
> Here is the code in question (from mips.h):
>   "%(%<%[sync\n"                              \

This sync is for SB-1 implied by ll, but other MIPS systems may
need it.

>   "1:\tll" SUFFIX "\t%0,%1\n"                 \
>   "\tbne\t%0,%2,2f\n"                         \
>   "\t" OP "\t%@,%3\n"                         \
>   "\tsc" SUFFIX "\t%@,%1\n"                   \
>   "\tbeq\t%@,%.,1b\n"                         \
>   "\tnop\n"                                   \

The SB-1 needs a "sync" here.

>   "2:%]%>%)"
> I guess my basic question is:  Should MIPS_COMPARE_AND_SWAP have a 'sync' 
> after the 'sc'?  I would have thought that 'sc' made the write visible to 
> all CPUs, but on the SB1 it appears not to be the case.
> If we do need to add another 'sync' should it go in the delay slot of the 
> branch?  I would say yes because we would expect the branch to rarely 
> taken.

But it would make things a lot worse for the contended case, which is
the interesting one for performance.


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