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IP32 RM5200 CPU modules... PROM requirements?

Subject: IP32 RM5200 CPU modules... PROM requirements?
From: Stuart Longland <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 19:29:31 +1000
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Hi All...
        This isn't so much a Linux/MIPS related question, but rather an SGI
one, anyway.

        I've recently purchased an RM5200 CPU module for my O2 (which presently
runs a 180MHz R5000).  I powered down the box, pulled the system board
out, and swapped the CPU modules over.

        Upon doing this, I get a "Unsupported CPU type" message on serial
console, and the box refuses to start.  I figure this is because my PROM
is too old to support the RM5200.  Does anyone have any pointers
regarding how one upgrades the PROM?  (I still have both CPU modules.)
Or am I up for a newer system board in order to benefit from the new CPU?

        Also, once I have the CPU going ... do I need to do anything special
kernel-wise, or will my existing R5000 kernel work?

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